Easy handling – great features

  • Built-in threader
  • Two-level presser foot lift
  • Flip-top lid and dust cover
  • Recessed handwheel
  • Easy stitch selection

Manufacturer: Bernina


The Bernette 12 is a mechanical sewing machine and the entry-level model of the Bernette series.


  • With 21 stitch patterns – 19 utility and 2 decorative – and a maximum stitch width of 5mm, it offers excellent basic functions at a very affordable price.
  • The clear layout and user-friendliness of this machine make it the perfect choice for newcomers to sewing.
  • It‘s simplicity itself to thread the needle with the built-in threader.
  • The standard accessories include four presser feet, one of them a buttonhole foot which creates beautiful, even buttonholes when used with the manual buttonhole function.


Built-in threader


The Bernette 12 makes threading your machine simple. The built-in threader of the Bernette 12 places the thread in exactly the right position. Simply operate the threader, and the thread is inserted through the eye of the needle. What’s more, an automatic bobbin winder ensures that your Bernette 12 is ready for action in the blink of an eye. With less time spent on preparing your machine for sewing, you can start tackling the creative side of things sooner – so the fun starts with the threading. The Bernette 12 is proof that handy features needn’t be an unaffordable luxury in entry-level sewing machines!


Two-level Presser Foot Lift

When thicker materials or several layers of fabric are to be sewn, space quickly becomes tight under the presser foot. Not so with the Bernette 12. Its two-level presser foot lift lets you raise the presser foot extra high, allowing several layers of denim or other heavy fabrics to be comfortably placed underneath. This means that the Bernette 12 lets you accommodate the space under the presser foot to whatever your needs happen to be.


Flip-top Lid & Dust Cover

The bobbin winder, thread tension dial, as well as the spool holder of the Bernette 12 are housed under a practical flip-top lid that protects them from dust. Not only does this preserve the stylish appearance of the machine – it also ensures that the bobbin winder, thread tension dial and spool holder remain in perfect condition. Thread tension adjustment via a dial and bobbin winding are a cinch. What’s more, the stitch chart on the inside of the lid lets you see all of the Bernette 12’s stitches at a glance. You have quick, easy access to all important features and information at all times.


Recessed Hand wheel

Allowing you to set the needle up/down position manually, the Bernette 12’s recessed hand wheel lies flush with its housing – so it’s easy to operate, but never in the way. This not only preserves the attractive closed block design of your Bernette 12, but also effectively protects the hand wheel from damage, and ensures that the machine can be stowed away in a space-saving manner. A small but effective detail that shows just how cleverly thought out the Bernette 12’s design is, with the aim of making sewing even more convenient and hassle-free.


Easy Stitch Selection

Finding the right stitch in an instant is no problem with the Bernette 12. A buttonhole stitch, two decorative stitches, a quilting stitch, a full seven stretch stitches and ten different practical stitches can be quickly and easily accessed via the pattern selector dial. Double needles can also be used with the Bernette 12. Together with the four presser feet that come as standard with this machine, there’s quite a lot you can do with these stitches! Simply select the stitch you want on the dial and sew away. The number of the selected stitch will appear on the digital display on the front of the Bernette 12.